Effective communication between an organisation and its employees is a must for success in today’s times. An open and consistent communication channel internally allows organisations to harness the capabilities of the unique talent each employee brings. This is where Internal Communication can help through various initiatives in creating a positive work environment and culture that has employees at the centre.

It enables transperent flow of communication top down and vice versa, fosters a sense of passion and pride amongst the team, creates a healthy collaboration amongst employee, thereby leading a more unified effort from the entire team towards achieving organisation goals.

We understand this need for developing a strong internal communication channel and have worked with some large organisations with workforce of 20,000+ employees across geographies.

The Internal Communication approach created for every organisation is unique as the objectives and challenges are different for each organisation. We offer complete support right from concept building of the master campaign and each sub-campaign complete with logo designing and the entire roll out plan. We focus on both the content that is the integral part of the Internal Communication activities as well as the design aspect of the material to ensure the message is delivered effectively.

Some of the tools and mediums used are electronic direct mailers (EDMs) around various initiatives, corporate films, motivational videos, leadership messaging, office branding through posters, banners, standees, danglers, monthly or quarterly newsletters, engaging GIF animations, etc.



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