Phillips India

Philips is one of the most respected and innovative brands. In many ways also an employer of choice for many. While Philips India was undergoing restructuring, there was a need to ensure a transparent and engaging model was developed, where employees were communicated to proactively. Based on various surveys conducted internally the brand had identified issues and therefore engaged the agency to develop an effective internal communication strategy that involved ideating various campaigns and executing them.

Philips allowed the agency and gave space to be humorous and creative in the communication approach. Various matters that concern the employees were to be addressed, digital trainings to enhance their skill, proactive communication policies, future plans and the organisation road map was to be communicated.

Driven by a huge base of sales force the communication was being limited and lost. The engagement levels were low with fewer clicks digitally and low participation in activities.

A communication plan was built encompassing trainings like email etiquettes to campaigns that drive the power of ‘Thank you’ and Philips Lighting ONE team. Cosistent comminucation model was created deploying services like Design, Films, Animated Characters, Mascots, Intranet Support etc. using tools like animated films, motivational mash-ups, creative desings – Electronic Direct Mailers (EDMs), Danglers, Posters, Coasters, billboards etc.

The refreshed communication was widely appreciated with the rise in engagement and the client appreciated the creative concepts.


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