Yumchek is a mobile-based app focussed on the F&B industry. Yumchek approached the agency to make a film that could best describe them and what their product and services will do for the F&B industry. The app helps restaurant owners attract more customers and grow their business.

How does one explain Dynamic Pricing to a layman? A complex topic had to be explained thorugh a video along with how it works and why the target audience should work with Yumchek. We were brought in to make a 1-2 minute film that expresses the purpose of the app. First, we had to understand the concept and how it works for the industry it targets. Second, was how the app functions? And then create a film that explains all this in a simple yet engaging manner.

We began by trying to understand the product by studying the app. A step-by-step script was created showcasing the problem and how the Yumchek app can help restaurant owners. We made this complex term simple to understand while communicating all the important messages including key pain points of the target audience in a film in less than two minutes. The videography and editing team created a tight film and animating many elements for the film to be made more engaging.

We created a customized logo with animation and a bumper for the brand. The film fulfilled all the requirements of the client and is being successfully used in all their B2B marketing campaigns.


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