Panasonic Illuminates Rural India

Panasonic Japan’s India Business Development Center team, focused on ‘Make in India’, rolled out a range of Solar LED lights, based on Japanese R&D capabilities. A true transformational move, post a market understanding on the need to replace Kerosene, which is not only expensive but is harmful to health.

Multi-lingual master Film further broken down into short films and a multilingual print guide to be distributed across regions and even to village distribution partners, Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs), self help groups and panchayats

The target audiences of the products include those people living in areas where electricity supply is zero or is available to them only for a few hours at night.

The agency was brought on board to help the brand create a strong presence for the products and position it well in the market especially in this segment.

A hinterland real family was identified who was actually burdened under the Kerosene mess.The crew moved and an in-depth shoot was organized with the team spending time with the family and candidly capturing various usage scenarios. Backed by aesthetically strong, well-scripted, strong voiceovers and real portrayal of India and an average family belonging to the target group led to a film, which was appreciated by Panasonic across the board.

The films are all set to be used extensively in the various Indian markets and also Africa & Middle East

The project was extremely satisfying as our approach was of that of a documentary, which was to also act as an advertisement.

  • CLIENT Panasonic
  • YEAR 2015
  • LANGUAGES English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi and Tamil


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