AskmeBazaar, one of the largest managed online marketplace aimed to re-strategize their content strategy for sellers. Seller engagement is one of the most important company focuses and the seller focused communication strategy aimed at increasing seller base and engagement for the brand.

This required a complete overhaul of AskmeBazaar seller portal and also to plan a seller focused content strategy around it. The work included re-desigining of AskmeBaazar seller portal as a knowledge portal under the ‘Grow with Us’ campaign along with regular content population with articles, infographics, seller testimonial videos, animated films, newsletters, social media outreach and more.

The aim was to introduce a fresh and user-friendly AskmeBazaar Seller portal to reach the target audience, expand reach and enhance the existing brand engagement.

With most people being socially active on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube, the need for the brand’s presence across all these aimed at bringing all their sellers and prospective sellers at a platform open to discussions and queries.

The agency was brought on board to help in building an effective seller focused online content strategy to appeal to the target audience and enhance its existing position.

Our main focus was to build a seller focused online content strategy keeping in mind the AskmeBazaar brand and its core focus areas. The team designed a new the seller focused portal and helped build content around it. The team carried out a detailed research of the related industry including keyword research, competitive analysis, defining AskmeBazaar goals, objective and target audience and identifying the key channels for engaging the target audience online.

Strategy focused on various elements:

  • Optimized seller website: Making sure the website was fully optimized on various platforms and relevant for the target audience with a rich and intuitive design.
  • Content strategy: Regular high quality, seller and industry focused content published on the website
  • Sellers Communication: Testimonial videos shot and packaged with sellers of AskmeBazaar on their experience with AskmeBazaar
  • Weekly content on social media pages on topics ranging from e-commerce to entrepreneurship and startups to reach and engage potential sellers
  • Fast growth in reach through organic promotion and 24*7 prompt response to queries received on social media pages

The seller focused strategy resulted in an all-new look for the brand which was much appreciated by the client and the target audience. The elements were carefully designed and presented on the website and other online platforms. The agency was able to garner a positive and good response through their videos and online promotion strategies.

Successful online content strategy needs and effective planning to not only ensure content is relative to your target audience but also informative. The planning of content and continuous promotion on website and social median played a big role in increasing visibility for the initiative and also to communicate the elements of the organization’s values and vision.


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