About us - 10 minutes to 1


10minutesto1 is a Gurgaon based full service communication agency. We undertake conceptualization, designing and implementation of all your communication needs. Be it communication consultancy, public relations, web 2.0, social media, designing, editorial requirements, audio-visuals or anything else which needs to be communicated to your target audience, 10minutesto1 is your partner. We are a team of young but experienced professionals from varying backgrounds with a passion to deliver. We bring a fresh outlook and complete solutions that will help you communicate your message effectively to your target audience.


Weird name? Wondering what it signifies? Want to get enlightened?

So here it is. We are a bunch of entrepreneurs who left our corporate jobs to start something exciting. Sitting together for days to come up with a unique name for our company resulted in the most absurd suggestions. The moment one of us uttered l0minutesto1, we all nodded in agreement. It signifies various things - for one it was literally at 10 minutes to 1 in the night that we came up with this name, secondly and more importantly, what it means is that in 10 steps we will help take our customers to the number 1 spot - and in that we mean offering an innovative and effective solution to their communication needs.

Our logo is evidently a 1 to stand for what we will help achieve. The letters within our logo stand for the various services we offer. And they all come together to form our company name 10minutestoONE at the centre of the logo.

Watch this space for more interesting facts on 10minutesto1!


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